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    IQ>130 sd=15

    Top 2% of the general unselected adult population

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    SuperNova High IQ Society is an international non-profit and non-governmental organization, which aim to provide a social platform for gifted people. At present, we have 250 high-quality members. No matter where you come from, regardless of your status and age, you can always find your friends here. This just like a university that you will never graduate, because you can obtain plenty of knowledge here. The majority of members have excellent academic qualifications, there are also many students and experts which from famous Chinese/International universities. In addition, if you pass the entrance examination, or you achieve the standard ( IQ130 sd15 ) in High Range IQ Test, then you will be authorized as a life member.


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    We donate 300CNY to help vulnerable groups during 2018

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    01 July 2018


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    We have 250 members now



    Jason Betts, Australia

    Sudarshan Murthy, India

    Andrea Dalboni, Italy

    Morteza Bahrami, Iran

    Anthony Brown, USA

    Veronica Palladino, Italy

    Watcharaphol Chitvattanawong, Thailand

    Christian Sorensen, Belgium

    Nicole Laskowsky, Israel

    Alan Pliscoff, Chile

    Gabriel Garofalo, Italy

    Sriram Balasubramanian, India

    Tim Roberts, Australia

    Andrew Hayles, USA

    Nitish Joshi, India

    Daniel Pohl, Canada

    Elizabeth Anne Scott, UK

    Mohammed Karim Benazzi Jabri, Maghreb

    Kota Akishige, Japan

    Tommi P. Laiho, Finland

    Torbjørn Brenna, Norway

    Simon Olling Rebsdorf, Denmark

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  • Preferred Tests

    We have no fixed accepted tests, but the preferred tests are shown below.

    You will be authorized as the membership after we evaluate your socores.

    You can attach your own tests here if you're an author of High Range IQ Tests.


    Tenon, by Weitian Li

    TetrastIQ Light Test, by Gabriel Garofalo

  • Taboos

    If you break one of laws of High IQ Society, your name will be removed from the rolls

    1. It is prohibited to discuss the solution of IQ Tests with any others unless permitted by the author

    2. Don't help anyone complete the entrance examination of the society